The Secret to Achieving your Ideal Weight

 Five Minutes of Tapping on Emotional Issues Per Day

During the past 20 years obesity has been on the rise in the United States. Approximately one-third of US adults (33.8%) and 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents age 2-19 years old are obese. Missouri in particular is ranked as one of the states in which obesity has reached alarmingly high proportions with an average of 30.5% of adults labeled as obese (U.S. Obesity Trends, 2011). At the same time, the weight loss industry is making billions of dollars; people are spending money and doing what they can to lose weight, but are often not reaching their weight loss goals. This article is for those who suffer from this national epidemic and have struggled to lose those unwanted pounds.

As you are reading this article you may find yourself wondering: What else can I do that I have not already done? Commonly, the weight loss “struggle” includes constant dieting, weight fluctuations, feelings of deprivation, and many critical self judgments. After all of the effort put forth people are left questioning: What is the key to having a strong and beautiful body? The answer lies in the problem itself. Let’s review how weight is commonly gained. Something that many of us Americans have in common is that our lives are full of stress. Stress creates an overproduction of a hormone called cortisol; an overproduction of cortisol inhibits weight loss and is directly related to abdominal obesity. In addition, it decreases nutrient absorption, increases salt retention, and negatively impacts the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems (Gittleman, L. 2001). As Jessica Ortner, creator of Tapping Solutions, simply states, “Stress is a weight gain drug that many of us take daily”. Surprisingly, our emotions are actually the missing key to losing weight. Often people don’t understand the difficulty of weight loss explaining that everything would just be “fixed” by eating less and exercising more. However, this method does not address the emotions that may be causing this struggle and inhibiting successful weight loss and maintenance.

Ms. Ortner suggests that spending just five minutes per day, using the tapping technique introduced in my August blog posting (Emotional Freedom Techniques), will have a dramatic effect on decreasing the extra weight on our bodies. The antidote to “stressful eating” and “stressful weight gain” is living a fulfilled and happy life, right now – at any weight. She explains that without dieting, she was able to lose over 10 pounds in a month by simply addressing her emotional issues through tapping. Instead of forcing herself to diet and exercise, she did the emotional work and naturally enjoyed eating healthier and exercising. As her emotional issues around weight and her body were clearing the weight came off her body easier than ever before.

It is important to become aware when and why you are eating. Are you eating because you are truly hungry or are there other emotional factors involved? Are you attempting to nourish yourself or feel “safe” through the intake of food? Honing in on the emotional factors behind the extra pounds and “tapping” on them is an important step to shedding unwanted pounds. Making a commitment to decrease the emotional stressors which increase the production of cortisol and lead to weight gain will result in weight reduction. It is imperative to realize that we cannot start loving ourselves conditionally, only when we are a certain weight, this only enhances the weight loss struggle; we must commence loving ourselves now.

A few ideas to ponder…

• We get so obsessed with our weight loss goals that we forget to live in the now. Happiness is a choice, a choice we can make today – at any weight.

• Let’s put an end to negative self judgment for the sake of our children and not teach a younger generation that their worthiness is based upon a number on the scale.

• Let’s stop studying weight loss and instead study health.

• Let’s eat a natural diet, because it nourishes us and feels good.

• Let’s make a list of things in our life that both increase and decrease our stress levels. Let’s make a commitment to both phase out the “stress makers” and focus more attention on those activities that decrease stress.

• Let’s have the bravery to face what might be holding us back, knowing that change can occur in an instant (it really can!).

Tapping Exercise

Try this tapping exercise about five minutes daily. At any time you may change the verbiage below and tap on issues that specifically address the emotions that are keeping the extra weight on your body.

Karate Chop Point– Even though there is no possible way I can be happy looking like this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Karate Chop Point– Even though there is no possible way I can be happy looking like this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Karate Chop Point– Even though there is no possible way I can be happy looking like this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Eyebrow – I can’t be happy until I lose the weight.

Side of the Eye – This seems impossible.

Under Eye -I can’t relax at this weight.

Under Nose – All this stress around my body.

Chin – I have to feel stressed with this weight.

Collarbone Point – I feel all the emotional pressure of this weight.

Under Arm – I can’t be happy until I lose the weight.

Top of the Head – This weight is making me feel miserable.

Back to Eyebrow Point – I can’t be happy with this weight.

Side of Eye– The whole idea that I can love myself before I lose the weight is stupid.

Under Eye – The only way to lose weight is through pain.

Under Nose – Is that really true?

Chin – Everyone else in this world stays thin by stressing out about weight.

Collarbone– Is that really true?

Underarm– I can’t be happy unless I am a certain weight.

Top of head– I don’t deserve happiness until I lose weight.

*This tapping exercise was derived from Jessica Ortner’s presentation at the 2011 Tapping Summit. A review of tapping basics may be found at the Emotional Freedom Techniques page.

Take a deep breath and check in with how you feel. If you are at a five or lower, you can duplicate the exercise above with the inclusion of “maybe” statements. An example would be, “Maybe I can accept myself, even with this weight”. By using the word maybe you allow yourself to feel a new possibility.

I would be quite excited to learn about any successes you have with this technique! I also offer 50 minute phone consultations; if you are interested please email me at


Ortner, J. Tapping Solutions,

Gittleman, L. (2005) The fast track detox diet. Broadway Books, New York.

U.S. Obesity Trends, derived from the CDC website,, August 11, 2011.


One thought on “The Secret to Achieving your Ideal Weight

  1. Kate Daigle, MA, NCC, LPC says:

    Stephanie, I really enjoyed this article. I agree that we get so focused on “our ideal body, the perfect body” that we forget to appreciate and breathe into the body that we were blessed with. Mindfulness can be a very healing way to connect with our bodies and it has really helped me and my own clients to find inner peace. Thanks for this insightful and informative article!

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